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Monday, March 06, 2006


Cuckoo For Cocoa

zombied out today. two hours of sleep.
insomnia + unnotified 7am roof replacement ( incredibly loud, shaking house) = kranky.
despite all that, I managed to vacuum. oh and dang, our washing machine broke.

Cocoa Linked to Lower Risk of Disease : YES people, eat more chocolate. I know I will. Who cares about obesity. Let's hit this one out of the park!



Live Simpson Introduction : it's amazing how close this video got to the animation. They've got all the details covered. You have to watch it. You just have to, even if you've never seen the Simpsons cartoon introduction before.

Ever wonder what the microsoft ipod would look like (packaging) ? well here is a possibility ( a spoof that might just happen in the future). sure looks like microsoft to me.

You gotta watch out for those magicians. Apparently, they can fool anyone, even officers in a maximum security prison somewhere in Europe.

Need inspiration? --> also a great way to decorate your bare walls, not to mention all the amusement it will provide ( a great post from whip up : love this blog).

Mad origami skillzzzzzzz

Is your ipod feeling naked lately? get your ipod some skin will ya!! here's a tutorial for a furry monster Domo-Kun ipod case. Too bad I don't have an ipod. It's ok, you might be old and untrendy (is that even a word?) but I still love you dell jukebox!


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